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X1/FL100 Thin Client Multi-user patch download

Postby kevinchen » Fri Jan 22, 2016 2:55 am

Software Name: Universal Termsrv.dll Patch

Support System: Windows XP SP2 SP3; Vista SP1 SP2/Windows 7, 32bit(x86)/64bit(x64)

Crack termsrv.dll, release limitation for multiuser Synchronous landing.

As per Windows Limitation, one computer allow only one user to use at one time, if second user login to the same windows, the forma user will be forced to go off.

This patch will solve this problem and release this limitation, make one pc available to multi-user login one time.


1. Can proceed this patch in regular mode;

2. Pls select the correct program as per your system
32 bit system pls run UniversalTermsrvPatch-x86.exe;
64 bit system pls run UniversalTermsrvPatch-x64.exe.

3. Pls run as Administrator

4. Restart the pc after crack it

5. Backup file: \windows\system32\termsrv.dll.backup.

6. Double clicl XP.reg and select yes to add to the registry

7. Finished.

Download link: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZDrBLZ56R3V2Dsf77yN3dpjMdaupxNFsfV
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