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Remote Shutdown HOST PC from Thin Client

Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2016 3:25 am
by kevinchen
When using thin client, terminal client user may use “ALT + F4” to shut down his own terminal pc, but the HOST PC got off too.
This problem comes from the Remote Shutdown function, to solve it we have to disable this function from HOST. Here is simple guide:
1. Thin client model is X5
2. Hardware version:
3. Way to disable it from HOST: search “gpedit.msc” in “programs and files”  open “gpedit.msc”open “User Configuration”(in left pane)”Administrative Templates”select “Taskbar and Start Menu”——“setting Properties” (in right pane).
It's necessary to enable the "logout" and "shut down" instruction on start menu. Restricted users cannot turn off computer through "shutdown" instruction