Guide: way to change computer name and description

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Guide: way to change computer name and description

Postby kevinchen » Wed May 04, 2016 11:14 am

When making testing, all HYSTOU mini pc name and description same, if you want to change, pls follow guide here.
Step 1. Right click “Computer”icon on desk Image, and go to computer property as shown below
Step 2. Click “Change settings”as marked in above picture and it will show “System Properties”window as below;
Step 3. Write the description in the red marked Textfield in above picture, anythin fine, such as “this is john’s pc”or so, currently is write hystou website.
Step 4. Click “Change” icon in above picture to rename the computer,
After rename it, click OK to go back, then click OK to save the change.
Now the computer name and description already changed, let’s go to change user name of the mini pc.
Step 1. Right click “Computer”icon Image and select “Manage”as shown below, you will go to “Computer Mangerment” in next pictures
Step 2. go to “Local Users and Groups” then click “Users”to see all the users in this mini pc, find the one you want to change(HYSTOU) , right click it and select “Rename”, then input the name you want to show, after this steps, all HYSTOU information inside the system all erased.
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